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Our Diversity and Inclusion Book Subscription is the perfect addition to your school’s academic programming. Children receive one book per month that features one of the amazing mission and awareness-driven topics below: 

  • Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Black History
  • Invisible Illness
  • Deaf Awareness
  •  Alopecia
  • Pediatric Hospitalization
  • Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
  • Autism
  • Spina Bifida
  • Limb Loss & Limb Difference
  • Melanoma Awareness

Features Former NFL Buffalo Bill WR
Stevie Johnson's Children's Book!
As seen all over WNY!

About Our
50 FOR $1500 Fundraiser

What is the fundraiser? Our 50 FOR $1500 Book Subscription Challenge is our largest fundraiser offered to schools. This Challenge is all about teamwork! Each school has a fundraiser goal of 50 Book Subscriptions. That means you walk away with a minimum of $1409. If you reach that goal we will round up to the nearest 100 dollars! 

What is the Book Subscription?  Each Book Subscription costs $169.99 and comes complete with TWELVE  of our best-selling children’s books SHIPPED at a rate of ONE-BOOK-PER-MONTH (shipping included in the subscription price). The books within this subscription are pictured below. 

How does the fundraiser work? Our fundraiser lasts four weeks long. Each school will have a fundraising website to collect online Book Subscription orders. We will provide you with a PDF of a flyer to send home as well as via email (or however your school distributes flyers) that has a direct link to your fundraiser page, as well as a QR code for the convenience of your students.  Additionally, teachers will be able to collect cash during the Challenge in an envelope (be sure the teacher’s name is on the envelope you send in so we can keep everything organized!)

School Donation Structure

For the first 20 Book Subscriptions sold, 15% will be donated to your school.

For the next 21-34 Book Subscriptions sold, 25% will be donated to your school.

For the next 21-34 Book Subscriptions sold, 25% will be donated to your school.

For all Book Subscriptions sold over 35, your school will receive 35% donated.

The fundraising goal for each school is 50 Book Subscriptions, and if you hit your goal, we will round up to the nearest $100 donation as an added bonus!

Benefits of our Book Subscription Fundraiser


Every single book in this book subscription features ways to learn about topics otherwise not usually talked about in standard children's books in the classroom.


Enjoy our best-selling children's books from so many of our amazing authors, every single month. Receive ONE book every month for the year, shipped automatically on the first of every month to your door.


We can all remember how much fun it was to receive mail at a young age. In this growing digitally-driven climate, we're bringing back snail mail for your child! Having books sent right to your doorstep makes it more exciting for your child to dive in and start reading something new, every single month.


There's never been such a substantial book subscription that is more perfect for your child. Our diversity and inclusion books feature so many mission-motivated and cause-driven topics at the foundation for this book subscription. Your child will discover and learn more about children like many that may even be in their classroom.


We support hundreds of new authors, dozens of causes, and still counting. When you purchase a book subscription, you are not only supporting us but all of the authors that wrote these books, the organizations they are connected to as well as your school. You are supporting the team and communities we call home. Every book subscription sold raises money for your school! Meet your goal, and we'll even round up to the nearest $100 donation!

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