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Where you can relax and enjoy writing

The attention provided by Jessica and her team is incredible, they make you feel like you personally are their top priority. 
Jenny Jones
Life's a Polyp
ImagineWe Publishers is a full-service, and comprehensive publishing company established in 2016. We provide help for aspiring authors at every stage of need from concept to creation! C.S. Lewis said “You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream,” and this most definitely includes becoming a published author!
IWP publishes books of all reading levels, and types; such as children’s books, easy-reader chapter books, novels, textbooks, memoirs, and more! If there is something you do not see offered thus far as a book that you are interested in publishing, there is no project we will not consider helping you to complete. We specialize in mission-motivated and cause-driven literature that spreads awareness about so many things.

Our Mission

We are devoted to educating students and people to initiate diversity and inclusion while inspiring self-agency and self-esteem across the world.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this company is to provide a hassle-free, and creative avenue for an aspiring authors to find and take to reach their goal. It can feel nearly impossible to get your book read by anyone who can take it to the next level, and here at IWP we want to bridge that gap.

Your Future

We want to be the bridge that guides, appreciates, and supports you toward success. When it feels like the publishing process is too overwhelming and confusing, ImagineWe Publishers will be there to welcome you.

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Jessica Cassick, M.S.

CEO and Head Publisher of IWP & Founder of WPLO

Jessica established this company as an independent study during her graduate degree. She is a mother, a multi-business entrepreneur, an author, a creative and critical problem-solving strategist and consultant, a college professor, and a Ph.D. candidate.​

Cheyanne Perry Suarez

SC Division President & Editor

Beginning with us as an author in October 2020, Cheyanne’s knowledge, passion, and aspirations to continue to grow in her career, and goals have placed her ahead of the curve. Her dedication to her future, foundation, and excitement as a scholar left a long-lasting impression.

Misti Blu Day McDermott

Vice President of IWP, Florida Representative & Director of Biomedical Science and Media Producer of WPLO

Misti is what you would call a Jane-of-All-Trades. Not only is she a mother, a multi-business entrepreneur, a media producer, and a writer, but she is also a biomedical science student, a health advocate, AND an activist.

Natalie Van Scheltinga

Senior Marketing and Community Director of IWP & CMO of WPLO

Natalie began her journey with IWP as an author and an executive for the Chargimals. Her passion for all things Marketing is unparalleled, and her ability to build a foundation to reshape societies view on chronic illness is remarkable.

LOVED working with Jessica and ImagineWe. Friendly, professional, attentive, accessible, easy process. Planning on publishing another with them!