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We are here to help make your publishing dreams a reality! We take pride in offering a comprehensive and all-inclusive publishing process that caters to your needs. Our passionate team of professionals is committed to supporting you every step of the way, from the initial groundwork to the final stages of publication. We are here to provide guidance, support, and assistance to ensure your publishing journey is a huge success! We are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality of service to our valued authors, and we look forward to partnering with you on your exciting new journey of becoming a published author!

Benefits of Publishing with Us


You send us your manuscript text, and we take care of production, development, ISBN, copyright, and more!


Traditional publishers will change your story line or characters to fit the narrative that they want. We keep your story in tact.


Our publishing services are broken down to be able to create a unique publishing plan that fits your needs


Our process takes the headache, confusion, and overwhelm out of publishing your work.


Traditional publishers offer royalty ratios below 20%, and we believe you should have a higher ratio for all the hard work you put into your writing.


You can focus on what you do best; writing, and we take care of the rest.

"For me, the pleasure of writing comes with inventing stories."
Roald Dahl

Budget-Friendly Payment Options

Undertaking the endeavor of writing and publishing can be quite intimidating. We understand that you may encounter some financial or other challenges that could hinder your progress. That being said, we are pleased to offer you payment choices that can facilitate the realization of your publishing aspirations.

Overview of Professional Costs for Authors Before Finding IWP

  • Many professional editors cost upwards of $0.05-$0.07 per word.
  • Illustrations can cost anywhere from $300-1200 per image for your book.
  • Marketing and Promotions can range upwards of $2500 or more.
Getting your book out to the public turns into a full-time job if you are trying to cut costs if you can afford it.
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Affordable Services

We offer payment options and plans that fit every budget. With pre-negotiated prices for amazing, professional services you can count on. Let us fast-track your publishing goals with comprehensive assistance like step-by-step guidance, and support, as well as a transparent partnership with your publisher that keeps you in control.

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Why ImagineWe Publishers?

Your Publishing Solution

At ImagineWe, we empower authors like you by offering comprehensive solutions that cover everything you need, from production to author events. We’re thrilled to have helped dozens of talented authors just like you at every stage of their literary journey. ImagineWe is here to support you through thick and thin and to help you make your book the best version of itself possible. Together, we can make your writing dreams come to life!

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Writing a book is no easy task. We provide guidance throughout the writing process giving feedback, insight, and advice.


We offer book production services which include professional editing, illustrations, and design to help aspiring authors achieve success.​


Our team will guide you through building your brand and connecting with your ideal reader from book signing events to social media.​


Our publishing process includes obtaining an ISBN, LOC number, copyright, and more. With our support, you can focus on writing and developing your reader base.​


We offer competitive pricing options to accommodate our valued retail customers and wholesale partners. We also extend exclusive discounts to authors as part of our commitment to your success.​​


Expanding on our promotions support we now offer retractable banners, invites, business cards, flyers, author websites, and more to help you make a lasting impression at every author event!​​​

Let's Get Started!

Whether you are a seasoned author or a first-time writer, we are here to support you every step of the way, from conception to publication. So let your imagination run wild and join us on this incredible journey to tell the stories that matter! Submit your inquiry below to get started.

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