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Why ImagineWe Publishers

IWP offers a full-service and comprehensive publishing process that is constantly improving to meet our authors where they are to guide and position their work to meet and expand their publishing goals.

Plug & play publishing services

You send us your manuscript text, and we take care of production, development, ISBN, copyright, and more!

easy & stress-free processs

Our process takes the headache, confusion, and overwhelm out of publishing your work.


Traditional publishers will change your story line or characters to fit the narrative that they want. We keep your story in tact.


Traditional publishers offer royalty ratios below 20%, We believe you should have a higher ratio for all the hard work you put into your writing.


Our publishing services are broken down to be able to create a unique publishing plan that fits your needs


Educational Programs and fundraising that get yiour books into the hands of children, families, libraries, hospitals, and more.


You can focus on what you do best; writing, and we take care of the rest.

Book Submission

No matter your age or grade level;  we accept submissions from all authors. Here at ImagineWe Publishers, we strive to bring unique children’s books, easy-readers, novels, memoirs, poetry books, coloring books, and audiobooks to market. We want our readers to learn something new, to laugh, and to take something away from the story that they can apply to their future. We want our books, to be the books you remember throughout your lifetime; to be the reason you believe you can accomplish anything if you just apply yourself. Send us your idea, and we will help you create a plan. We have your back to support and guide you through the production and development of your book!

Your story needs to be told. Let’s get it published, and get it out there!

Publishing Services

As an aspiring author, there are many things that you are trying to teach yourself as you complete your book. With this, there are also many people involved in the creation of it. ImagineWe brings you everything you need to create the best version of your book all in one place, including but not limited to production, promotions, and event marketing.

Our company has worked with dozens of authors to help them at all stages of their book’s development. ImagineWe Publishers is a one-stop-shop for publishing services; taking your idea from concept to creation and beyond, no matter where in the process you are. 

Our Services Consist Of:

01. Coaching & Consulting

Writing a book is no easy task. IWP provides support and reinforcement throughout the writing process to give you feedback, insight, and advice. Once coaching is complete, your book will receive a Preliminary Manuscript Review to improve your book and finalize any changes before production begins.

02. Production

IWP supports you throughout the production of your book by pairing it with industry professionals to take care of everything for you. Your book will be Edited, and Illustrated (if needed). As well as undergo professional Book Design. 

03. Promotions

Our promotions are the greatest ever-evolving addition to our publishing services. This is where authors need the most help. Our promotions consist of a mix between Marketing Social Media Content Creation, and Public Relations.


This process includes cover-to-cover Book Formation including ISBN, LOC, and everything needed throughout the book such as copywriting, title pages, dedications, etc.

05. Distribution & Sales

Your book will be available at retail and wholesale pricing as well as to the author at a discount. It will be added to our list of titles, as well as have the opportunity to be added to our philanthropic educational programming.

06. Event Planning & Marketing

As we expand our services and offerings, our newest addition is the opportunity to supply you with everything they need to do a pop-up book event; retractable banner, invites, business cards, flyers and more. This is now available in Basic and Premium Options, as well as author websites!

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Budget-Friendly Payment Options

When you set out on a mission to learn about writing and publishing, you can be met with crazy expensive prices, and roadblocks.

Overview of Standard Costs
for Self-Published Authors

  • Many professional editors cost upwards of $0.05-$0.07 per word.
  • Illustrations can cost anywhere from $300-1200 per image for your book.
  • Marketing and Promotions can range upwards of $2500 or more.
Getting your book out there turns into a full-time job if you are trying to cut costs, and if you could afford it, your book just turned into a fairly large investment

Do what you do best (writing),
and let us do the rest!

Becoming a published author shouldn’t be so hard. We believe that every author should be able to do what they do best, find peace in their passion to write, and trust in us to do the rest. We each do what we do best. Free up the time in your schedule spent with stress and worries. Replace it with excitement and happiness on your journey towards your own published work.

Step-by-step Done FOR YOU Services.

Here at ImagineWe Publishers, we offer payment options and plans that fit every budget. With pre-negotiated prices for amazing, professional services you can count on. Let us fast-track your publishing goals with comprehensive assistance like step-by-step guidance, and support, as well as a transparent partnership with your publisher that keeps you in control.

Let's Get Started!

Our main focus is YOU. We start with your goals in mind. By understanding them, it allows us to build out a strategy and plan to help you to achieve the success that you envision. Click this link to tell us about your book, and we will reach out to schedule your publishing consultation!