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My First Ponytail

Written by Colleen Budniewski
Illustrated by Nick Napierala

Well, That's Not Very Ladylike

A Memoir Written by Jennifer Lock
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Stephanie knew from the moment she could speak and express herself that she was a girl, but it took some time for the world to see that. Her family made sure she knew she would always be supported no matter what. She teaches everyone that you’re never too young to know who you truly are and an important lesson on acceptance and understanding for all.

Well, That’s Not Very Ladylike is an inspiring memoir detailing one woman’s journey to overcoming life’s toughest challenges. Despite a life-altering chronic illness, childhood trauma, abusive relationships, financial ruin, unimaginable loss, and her sanity barely hanging on, she refuses to give up. Through sheer will and determination, she transforms herself into the hero she always needed. May her story be an inspiration to all who are learning to love themselves unapologetically, unconditionally, just as you are, ladylike or not.

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Written by Joanese Hadley
Illustrated by Sharifa Viola

Nikki's Creativity (2nd Edition)

Written by Suzy Woo
Illustrated by Suzy Woo & Joseph Perry
Nikki's Creativity

The story of a third grader named Julie who is struggling to make friends in her classroom. With the help of her teacher, Julie learns an amazing discovery about some of her classmates’ feelings about her. This book reminds us that teachers as well as parents play an important role in shaping children’s’ lives.

Nikki is a young, creative girl who just loves everything about creativity…sometimes a bit more than everyone else. In a world full of color and beauty; it is hard for Nikki not to want to plaster the walls in stamps and glitter. In this book, we see exactly how much Nikki strives and struggles to balance her own creativity with a world that may not always understand her vision.

Where is Krishna?

Written by Tina Ganesh

Slow Moe

Written by Wendy Thompson

Where is Krishna? teaches us to see Krishna in all and everything. “Krishna is You and Krishna is Me!”, far beyond what our eyes can see! Though we see Lord Krishna peeking on the pages, we search for Him in different places until one day the Sun says, “I know!” He is everywhere! The Sun helps us to realize that Krishna is present in everything at the same time. This simple story guides our littles to grasp the cosmic wonder of Krishna’s omnipresence and see Krishna within themselves.

Slow Moe was about to give up on racing until the Slo-lympics came to town; the slowest racer wins! With a game plan and confidence Moe embarks on a quest to be the slowest competitor and win the race. Will Slow Moe be able to be slower than his competitors?