Hassle-Free Audiobook Services

Why ImagineWe Publishers

IWP offers a full-service and comprehensive process that is constantly improving to meet our authors
where they are to guide and position their work to meet and expand their publishing goals. We are devoted to
providing top-of-the-line, hassle-free audiobook services. Our author's satisfaction is our top priority.


You can focus on what you do best; writing, and we take care of the rest.


Traditional publishers will change your story line or characters to fit the narrative that they want. We keep your story in tact.


Traditional publishers offer royalty ratios below 20%, We believe you should have a higher ratio for all the hard work you put into your writing.

easy & stress-free processs

Our process takes the headache, confusion, and overwhelm out of publishing your work.

Comprehensive Audiobook Publishing Services

As an author with IWP, there are many things that you are trying to do to expand your author platform and meet your readers, and network where they are. Among these is continuously seeking to find ways to share your story with them utilizing their favorite platforms, and learning styles. With this, there are also many ways to share your story. ImagineWe brings you every opportunity to expand your book in not only print and digital, but now in audio!  

Here at ImagineWe Publishers, we offer budget-friendly payment options for every budget; with pre-negotiated prices for amazing, professional services you can count on. Let us help your audio-publishing goals to stay on track with comprehensive, step-by-step assistance, guidance, and support, as well as a transparent partnership with your publisher that keeps you in control.

Our Services Consist Of:



IWP supports you throughout the production of your audiobook by pairing it with industry professionals to take care of everything for you. Your audio will be extensivly edited and produced to turn your imagined vision into headphone realty.



Our promotions  are organized from the place that your print book’s content left off to consist of a mix of  social media announcements that are designed to bring your following along for the journey and continue to build anticipation and excitement for both you and your network.



Upon completion of the production process, your book will be officially distributed to the top audiobook platforms including Audible, Spotify, and iTunes.



Similar to the layout of our sales process for print books, your book will allow Early VIP Access to a select group of people while utilizing a BOGO deal where we reincorporate your print book and audiobook for a preorder process only available to a select number of supporters.

How does it work?

As easy as 1…2…3!

Ready to turn your book into an audiobook?
Once your official print book is published, you’re ready to begin your audiobook! You start this process with step one ALREADY DONE!
Become your own Narrator OR find a local studio!

The purpose of this process is to provide a stress-free and innovative avenue for authors to share their story while taking charge of their future and pride in their voice. Readers and listeners love to hear a story in the voice of the author. It helps you to create a new opportunity to connect with your network and followers. We offer authors a variety of options to work with them to record.

  • Use or purchase your own equipment,
  • Rent equipment from us, 
  • Or finding a local studio to record the audio for you!
Done FOR You Services.

Once your book is narrated, you’re part is DONE! You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the time while we produce and edit your book.

  • Deep breathes while you spoke? GONE! 
  • Noises while you turned each page? GONE. 
  • Laughed while you recorded…a little too loud? We’ll FIX that for you!

Let's Get Started!

Our main focus is YOU. We start with your story and vision at the forefront of every process. By providing you with every avenue and potential to share yourself with pride, we can help you to achieve the success that you envision. The time is now to expand into audio format to allow all of your supporters now and yet to come to experience you in a new light at the push of a play button. Your satisfaction is our top priority! Let us know you're ready, and we can get started now!