Chronically Empowered:

Ironically Chronic

A Social Media Chronic Warrior Collaboration

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This book is called Chronically Empowered: Ironically Chronic and is a collaboration project with another passionate artist and chronic illness advocate, Syd of @clinicallychronically, and includes a whole array of amazing and powerful chronic illness warriors sharing stories about their super weird, ironic, and funny experiences with their chronic illnesses… the things that we don’t hear enough about.

Information about Illustrator coming soon.

Syd, our curator for this book, has been with us from the very beginning with our very first Chronically Empowered book, and soon after came to us with this awesome concept centered around the irony and the unusual. They are a model with Classic Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. This collaboration project is a book created to not only raise awareness about chronic illness but highlight the good and positive things that aren’t shared as much on social media.

“Basically, people always see the sad side of chronic illness and disability. But most of the time it’s not like that. Many of us cope with dark and satirical humor. And I wanted to make a book highlighting that.” – Syd

It is a book of short stories that brings attention to various aspects of chronic illnesses related to humor and irony. Each story falls within a specific theme, and each theme is strategically created to empower individuals facing a range of chronic conditions, ironically.


(Please choose only one theme below, and ensure that you have selected chosen theme in the form below.)

*Please Note: Our Endometriosis theme is now full. You can submit a story from any of the other following themes below.

Drank invisible ink?
Waiting to be seen.

Stories of Ironic or Funny experiences with Invisible Illnesses.

Diarrhea is Genetic.
Runs in Jeans.

Stories of Ironic or Funny experiences with genetic illnesses.

Stomach acting up?
It's Dire Rear.

Stories of Ironic or funny experiences with gastrointestinal diseases.

Depressed Ghost?
Goes through Things.

Stories of Ironic or Funny experiences with Mental Illnesses.

Ice Pack?
Mind-Numbing Experience.

Stories about Ironic or funny moments with neurological diseases.

Diabetes Screening?
Movie about Sugar.

Stories about Ironic or funny moments about endocrine diseases.

So Rare that You Pick the Name.

Feel about Arthritis? Pretty Swell.

Feel about Arthritis?
Pretty Swell.

Stories about Ironic or Funny moments about muscle skeletal diseases.

Only I can Fight Me

Stories about Ironic or funny moments about Autoimmune diseases.