Why Knowing Your “Why” Is So Important

Knowing your “why”, your reason for writing your book, is all about having perspective and a sense of purpose. Your “why” should be the driving force giving you the momentum to start, to continue, to finish, and to be determined to be published. Given how important it is to know your “why”, it is well worth taking a moment, to dig a little deeper, to help you discover why you are contemplating, or perhaps have started, writing your book. Here are Four Reasons Why that will help you find your purpose.

Ten Common Mistakes When Writing A Memoir

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of writing a book is not uncommon with many published authors. Sharing our stories with people we know can be daunting. Sharing our stories with complete strangers can make us feel vulnerable and often paralyze us from a writing perspective. It doesn’t have to be so difficult. With some careful thought and preparation, you could soon be writing a manuscript that readers won’t want to put down. Here are 10 common mistakes writers often make when writing their memoirs, plus some tips to help you on your way to publishing your best seller.