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The Importance of Writing Deadlines

If you’ve ever been around me in the month leading up to my birthday, you know that I have a pretty serious deadline-driven personality. I am constantly reminding myself and others about upcoming events and activities, both because it helps me get things done on time and because I like to be reminded of what’s coming up in my life so that I don’t forget about any important events (or birthdays). But not everyone is as driven by deadlines as I am. In fact, some people are downright afraid of deadlines—and with good reason! Deadlines can make us feel like we’re running out of time or under pressure from someone else. Sometimes they make us feel trapped or frustrated when we don’t meet them or when they’re unreasonable (like when your boss asks for three reports by tomorrow morning). Because of this fear, many people avoid setting goals at all costs—but as we’ll see here today: avoiding them doesn’t help either!