8 Reasons Why Your Story Has Value

your story has value

8 Reasons Why Your Story Has Value

So often the only thing stopping a talented author from writing a book is themselves. Yes, you read correctly. You are quite likely the reason you are not sitting in a bookstore, signing copies of your newly published book, and taking selfies with your adoring fans. You simply might not believe your story has value, and as a result, you have talked yourself out of realizing an attainable dream and pursuing it.

So let’s turn this self-doubt around and look at a list of reasons why you do have value to share your story in a book.

Reason #1: You Are Already Thinking About Sharing Your Story

The fact you are contemplating writing your story, means you have had an event in your life you want to share, need to share, and believe will help others.

If you are thinking about sharing your story, despite your self-doubt, you know you want to and can write it and have perhaps been doing so for a while in a journal or blog format. It may already almost be a book! You’re likely more ready to share it with the world than you realize.

Reason #2: Others Are Encouraging You

As you tell friends and family about your “life event”, you’re constantly being told you should write a book. 

People generally won’t say this unless they are captivated by your story and think others will be too.

Reason #3: You Matter

Your story really does matter because you matter. Worrying about how others may perceive you can cause you to think your story doesn’t matter. Telling your story with the self belief that it’s worthy to be shared, gives it an air of authority, causing people to respond to it and invest in it emotionally.

Reason #4: Your Voice is Authentic

No one else can really tell your story like you can. You know it inside out. Your voice is authentic and readers will connect more easily reading your story, in your words. Write from the heart and the words will flow.

Reason #5: Creating Community

CS Lewis has a wonderful quote about Friendship.

“Friendship is born in that moment when one says to another, ” what you too? I thought I was the only one!” 

Sharing your story creates a sense of community for your readers. As they read about your experience, they feel someone genuinely understands what they are also experiencing. Book Clubs may read your story, spend time sharing their own stories together and make new friends. All because you shared your story and all because it has value. 

Reason #6: Your Story Can Change People

Telling your story could change someone else’s life. They may have felt they had little option as to how to deal with their own situation. Your story shows them ways of coping with a crisis  or perhaps succeeding in a career, causing them to change their own life’s direction or sway their opinions. Without reading your story this may never have happened. 

Reason #7: Your Story Is Unique

You may feel your story has been told before but has it? Has anyone else really walked in your shoes? A version of it maybe but not with the same details, insights, and lessons learned. They are all unique to your story and are key to making others want to read it.

Reason #8: You Can Offer Hope

Sharing your story can give people hope by helping them make sense of their own situation.

This is the amazing power of storytelling. 

In conclusion, just remember, it’s not just any story providing this offer of hope. It’s your story and only you can give it the true value it deserves. We hope you now believe you definitely have value to share your story in a book. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start writing.

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Written by Samantha Moss


Samantha Moss is a retired management executive, writer, podcaster, and IWP-published author of My Medical Musings. She uses her writing talent to provide support and encouragement for those living with chronic illness via her own blog and online support forum. She is a passionate patient advocate, raising awareness about what it is like living with chronic disease and how it is possible to find new ways to live a full and rewarding life.